NAME: Colin Parrish
RANK: Fire fighter
ACTOR: Stephen North
SERIES: 3 - 6

BRIEF: Colin joined the Watch in Series 3 and soon became the brunt of the Watches gags and pranks. These included, telling Colin that Tate was a Born Again Christian and that he had to say grace before each meal. Colin was later told that the Brigade work as Official Secrets and his job was to measure radioactive particles in the station's yard! He also had to test how well the reflectors on the tunic tops glow, as he is told that they run out quickly"

FAMILY: Colin lived at home with his parents and found it hard to tell his mum that he was going to move out with Zoe. So in the end, his uncle Jaffa had to do it for him!

ROMANCE: Colin married Zoe, who he met on a shout in Series 4, where he tried to resuscitate a budgie with his BA mask. The blast of air was a bit too powerful and it caused the budgie to fly out of the window!

TOUGH TIMES: In Series 4, Hallam began to have doubts about Colin, so he extended his probationary period. Much to the annoyance of Colin's mum, who went to the station to complain!

Colin was forced to leave the service, after his legs were crushed on a shout. He was messing around on a stage in front of Sally Reid and an old lady and the roofing gave way.


ACTOR BRIEF: Stephen was born in Dorking, Surrey in 1965 and was raised in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Stephen supports Brighton and Hove Albion and has written a book, 'Build a Bonfire' about the club.

He attended the Youth Theatre in Oxford and then went on to the Guildford School of Acting where he played a teddy boy in the end of year show Once A Catholic.

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