NAME: Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley
RANK: Fire fighter
ACTOR: Richard Walsh
SERIES: Movie, Series 1 - 12

BRIEF: Sicknote was so-called because he was a chronic hypochondriac. Everyday he had some sort of complaint, which ranged from ulcers to backaches.

FAMILY: Sicknote was married to Jean, who he met through his Amateur Dramatics Society. They had children in the early series, but they were never seen, then after that, they didn't exist! In Series 11, Jean discovered she was pregnant, but she miscarried. This devastated both Sicknote and Jean. They later adopted a teenage boy, Owen, in Series 12.

ROMANCE: Sicknote and Jean had their fair share of disagreements and walked out on each other a couple of times. Sicknote first left in Series 2, after suspecting Jean of having an affair with Dominic, the male lead of the Penge Occasional Players' production of The Student Prince. Years later, Jean walked out on Sicknote after discovering he was having an affair with Cynthia! On both occasions, they patched things up.

TOUGH TIMES: Sicknote got himself a criminal record in Series 12, after driving the wrong way up a one-way street on his scooter!

Sicknote died at the end of Series 12, after a huge explosion at a Chinese Warehouse. Joe Walker also lost his life in this fire.


ACTOR BRIEF: Richard was born in Lewisham in London in 1953, although he spent most of his school day's in Tunbridge Wells.

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